Randy Huston


Singer, songwriter, cowboy -- Randy Huston writes and sings about the modern-day lifestyle of the cowboy. He is a fourth generation livestock producer, and partners with his father on their ranch in New Mexico. He started breaking horses for wages at the age of 14 and spent many years in rodeo arenas through high school and college. He's written some of the most widely recognized of contemporary cowboy music, and his songs have been recorded by some of the "stars" of this genre. Randy was voted one of the top five male entertainers in 2007 by the Academy of Western Artists, and was 2010 Academy of Western Artists male vocalist of the year. 

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Randy's daughter, Hannah Huston, has been performing cowboy music since she was ten years old. Now seventeen, not only is she a rising star, she helps on the family ranch. She is in her second year of college, but still finds time to travel and perform cowboy music. Hannah is featured on four of the songs on the project "Cowboys and Girls". This was her first time recording. 

Hannah Huston