Huston pulled from his experiences as a cowboy and resident of the west to write and record his album Keepin' the New West Wild. 

It is an album that made a statement about what is happening to family farms and ranches and what must be done to make sure the are future generations of farmers and ranchers in America.

The CD yielded several singles including "Tequila For Me" which introduced Huston to radio stations and listeners around the country, garnering him an impressive amount of airplay for a debut effort.

Other singles "Not Just Along For The Ride", "Make My Mother Smile", "Lookin' The Wolf In The Eye", and "Let There Be One Cowboy Left", solidified his presence on the airwaves.



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  • Not Just Along For The Ride2:54
  • Tequila For Me3:42
  • Charlie3:17
  • Echos Through The Canyon3:07